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My Story: an executive, a mom, a life-long learner, a coach

In my previous life (before coaching), I was an executive for large international corporations in the Fashion Industry. I worked in Paris, France, and NYC. and traveled the world, looking for ideas and suppliers. This job needed good communication skills, creativity, and initiative. I especially enjoyed working globally with people from different cultures. I had to adapt to their ways of working and found it fascinating.

My professional life and interests changed when I had my children. As they were diagnosed with A.D.H.D., I looked for ways to help them learn differently. I read many books on neurosciences, neuroplasticity, and learning and the brain. I understood that we could learn using the different parts of our brain, create new habits by developing new neuropathways, and therefore, create lasting change. I could now see possibilities and opportunities. Learning became fun and holistic.

Years later, I remembered these learnings and used them to survive stressful times. After this chapter of my life, I was determined to learn the science behind it all.

What helped me become so resilient?

I wanted to understand and learn: Why was I resilient? What did I do right? What happened in my body and my mind? 

How can I help others do the same? Resilience and Wellness became my passion and my purpose.

I went back to school and earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D in Mind and Body Medicine, learning more about resilience and how it affects the mind and the body. I also got a Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate, and an ACC International Coaching Federation certification. 

After all this personal experience and research, I know how to help you increase your resilience and live a healthier and more purposeful life.

Let's talk, and see how we can make it work

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