Coaching Sessions

Individual sessions: sessions of 30mn or 1 hr. Most clients have one-hour sessions once a week for 3 months or more. However, every client has different needs, and some need two sessions per week, especially at the beginning. Some clients needed coaching for 4 weeks, some still need coaching a year later. I easily adapt to my clients’ needs and wants. Contact me for a free 30minute session to see if I can help you!

Group sessions: sessions of 1 hr or 1hr ½. Contact me to learn more

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Resilience and Wellness Program

One hour a week for a minimum of 8 weeks, and a maximum of 12 weeks. This program is intended to help you become more resilient in a healthy way. You will learn to notice and understand your stress, strengths, beliefs, values, behaviors, and life purpose. You will also work on your communication skills, your self-care, your compassion, and develop a mindful mindset. Need more details? Let’s talk.
Why this program is a Must in today’s world?

Other Offerings

Vision Boards

Online or onsite group sessions. A vision board is a powerful tool that lets you visualize your goals and dreams. In this session, you invite your creativity and intuition while creating possibilities. Let’s talk!

Let's talk, and see how we can make it work

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