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What People Are Saying

Outstanding, exceeding my expectations! (Bahia)

I had the immense chance and privilege to get the help and support of Sylvie. She has been incredible and outstanding in coaching me and helping me to better define my professional career after COVID. Sylvie went above and beyond, far exceeding my expectations. Sylvie helped me in defining actionable steps to achieve my long-term ambitions, mission, and work purpose; concretizing immediate short-term goals to move towards my long-term professional purpose; gaining confidence in my capacities and assets to move forward. I have tried many coaches and Sylvie is the one who helped me the most. She regularly checked in with me, and immediately responded to any questions I may have between sessions. I definitely recommend Sylvie to anyone facing professional challenges. Thank you, Sylvie!


Professional, kind and calm! (Guenievre)

This was my first experience with a coach, and I had no idea what to expect. I ended up waiting impatiently for our weekly meetings! The process made me realize how important it can be to see things from a different perspective. With her help and guidance, I was able to overcome some issues and find a better balance, identify some skills, and focus on them. Sylvie is extremely professional, always kind and calm. She has no judgement and I always felt in a safe space with her. I highly recommend Sylvie to anyone looking for a coach.

Thoughtful and present, warm, and deliberate (Jenna)

Sylvie is a thoughtful and present coach. She is warm and deliberate but also pushes her clients to advocate for themselves and meet their goals. I learned a lot about myself through our coaching relationship, mainly how my values have shaped my thoughts and actions. Her orientation to the VIA character strengths was the thread that strung our calls together, and it was helpful to frame challenges and options in this way. I highly recommend Sylvie as a coach!

A phenomenal partner (Diana)

Sylvie was my coach for a couple of months where we focused on wellness and business development. Despite the short time, Sylvie helped me get connected to my strengths and learn to use them in situations where I felt stuck. She supported me in removing the noise as I was defining my brand and get to a definition that felt authentic, accurate, and impactful. In the process, she also helped me get back to balance between work and life and create a healthy routine that I want to follow. Sylvie is a phenomenal partner, who makes the process of achieving one’s goals feel effortless. Sylvie doesn’t solve your problems for you, rather with one conversation makes you confident that there is nothing you can’t achieve yourself. Sylvie makes it easy to tackle the challenges that scare you and make them feel like a walk in the park.

A calming force; her positivity and genuine care for her clients (Dawn)

Sylvie is a natural when it comes to coaching and validating her client’s thoughts and feelings. She helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life and always found a way to reiterate my strengths and much-needed goals so I could focus on actionable steps toward my well-being. She made me realize that I was much more resilient than I ever thought possible, and her growth mindset approach was so refreshing when the future seemed so bleak. As I reflect on our sessions, Sylvie was a calming force, saw my potential, and truly helped me step out of my comfort zone and lean into my core values and strengths. Her positivity and genuine care for her clients are what make her a top-notch and truly amazing coach.

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