How to make stress your friend (2013). Dr. Kelly McGonigal, professor and health psychologist specialized in mind-body connections, presents research showing that how you view stress affects your health and your life. 14.28 min.

How failure cultivates resilience (2018). Raphael Rose, researcher, and clinical psychologist at UCLA, asks how we can become more resilient. 12.55 min

5 Ways to listen better (2011). Julian Treasure, sound and communication expert, describes how our listening has changed over time, and explains how we can improve our communication by listening better. 7:34 min.

The Mrs Band Magic-mirror (2014). Stories of compassion, gratitude, and self-image. 3.23 min.

Calm Breathe Bubble (2019). Follow the bubble while listening to the water moving. 0.52 sec.

How to give an A (2012). Benjamin Zander, famous English conductor, director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra tells stories of creating possibilities, creating a vision for everyone. 14:10 min.


7 ways to say yes to yourself with self-compassion (2021). Dr. Kristin Neff gives 7 simple exercises to increase self-compassion.

Why exercise is so crucial for maintaining mental health? (2018). Dr. Sarah Gingell explains the benefits of exercising on mental health and sites a study recommending 3 or more aerobic sessions lasting 45-60 min to treat chronic depression.

Qigong: What you need to know (2022). Dr. Belfer and Dr, Schurtleff wrote a review on Qigong explaining how Qigong worked and citing recent study findings.


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